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Soy tealights


Soy tealights

These Soy wax tealights are made from 100% soy wax. Due to being heat sensitive we strongly recommend cool box shipping for this product. Please see our return policy. (However, 'Cool Box' shipping is not required for local orders/shipping in the San Fernando valley area).


Hand poured 100% Soy Tealights. Excellent for small luminaries yet work well as a stand alone candle if needed. Unscented or scented Soy tealights are a great choice for a cleaner purer burn. Due to our proprietary blending technique these tea lights produce an excellent scent throw for its size.


Burn time: Aprox 8-9 hrs depending on the conditions in which you are burning them in.

Ingredients: 100% Soy wax, Phthalates free frangrance oils.

(We do not add color, additives or chemicals for aesthetic purposes)

x1 Pack of x6 $5.95



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Customer Reviews

Ben D-

Posted on 10/30/2016
Love the fact they are soy, they have nice sturdy plastic bases not cheap tin. Awesome scent throw for little candles and i just have to say Vanilla oak and Strawberry smoothie are my new all time favorite scents. just ordered them in the monticiano

Bob G-

Posted on 9/19/2016
I Purchased a luminary set from these guys and I ordered a bag of their tealights without the cool box and they arrived just fine. This company goes above and beyond with its packing so the heat didn't penetrate to bad i guess.

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