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Salt n Vinegar seasoning


Salt n Vinegar seasoning

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Like all of our bodhi products, our spices are made fresh daily to ensure maximum freshness and quality.


Salt n vinegar seasoning came about because of the now famous British Fish n Chips. People have always seemed to choose salt n vinegar on their favorite take out., so it wasnt long before other salt n vinegar products started becoming available. Now this delicious salt n vinegar seasoning has caught on here in the US , we felt compelled to formulate our own version so you can now sprinkle this popular seasoning on anything of your choice like popcorn etc. Here's our version...enjoy!


What makes a good quality mixed spice? What is it top chef's, amatuer cooks and food lovers the world over look for when choosing the best for their meals? At Bodhi we believe in the finest hand selected Quality Produce, the Freshest Ingredients, and the absence of Preservatives, Flavor enhancers, Bulking agents, Anti caking agents, Msg and Gmo are traits that will steer you in right direction. However, we feel that having a hearty appreciation for great food is where it really counts. How your food tastes is a direct result of the ingredients you use and we want you to have the finest tasting herbs and spices therefore producing the finest tasting food, resulting in only that of top restaurant style quality. Great meals produce great memories, so lets make memories together healthily.


Weight: 3oz

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Citric acid, Salt.



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