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luminary lighting cups


luminary lighting cups

Use only in conjunction with battery operated tealights or flickering lights. Nothing with real flames.


These cups are designed for lighting where a heat source would damage your luminary. Place a battery operated flickering light inside the cup and keep stacking each cup with a light to the height of your luminary. What is nice about these cups is you can illuminate just the base, just the middle or just the top of your luminary by adding the flickering lights in the cups only where you want illumination. Or add different colors in each cup or flashing lights or slow changing colored lights for any desired special effect your wanting to achieve. However, typically used to light the whole luminary from top to bottom for a fabulous glow you can see the endless possiblities you can achieve with these luminary lighting cups.


Cup size : 1.81" diameter x1.75" height.

Colour: Hazed light cream (Wonderful glow throw)

$1.50 each


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Customer Reviews

Kelly u-

Posted on 10/30/2016
Ordered the gorgeous 4x8 sq frosted ivory luminary. I wasnt sure about the cups, but decided to go ahead and get them with the flickering lights. Glad i did. Worth the investment.

Beth G-

Posted on 10/23/2016
We got these cups to go with our luminaries and my boyfriend has the color changing lights. So we just switch out the lighting as needed, pretty cool. I also like that I can make my luminary brighter or dim it down with the amount of cups i light up.

Matt J-

Posted on 10/23/2016
Got these lighting cups to go with my 4x4x8 luminary. They are brilliant..You can really add your own style in the luminary for tons of different lighting effects. I totally recommend them.

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