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Absolutely luxurious. If you haven't used Kokum butter on your skin before, you are truely missing out. Nature could not have provided a better solution to extreme dry, sun damaged or aging skin. This powerhouse is rich in Citric acid, Malic acid, Polyphenols and Acetic acid. Also contains Vitamin B complex, Garcinol, Potassium and Magnesium. Prized for it's richnessin fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) these EFA's aid in 'cell oxygenation' and is more bio available for our bodies in that much needed hydration and protection. Kokum butter is not only a fantastic antioxident (combats free radicals) it is well regarded for it's regenerative properties making it one of the best choices for chapped , tired and worn skin. Kokum butter helps prevent wrinkles with regular use and it's vitamin E aides and supports skin elasticity and flexability in the cell walls. In fact , kokum butter has been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. One of our top selling products.


Product weight: 8oz

Ingredients: Distilled H20, Kokum butter, Aloe vera, Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Palmic acid, Tocopherol, Potassium sorbate, Meadowform oil, Stearic acid, Soya oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulsifying wax, vitamin C, Citric acid, Rosemary oil, Parfum.

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Customer Reviews

Brie J-

Posted on 4/28/2017
A must. I take this cream every where with me. I cannot speak highly enough.

Maria Cortez-

Posted on 1/31/2017
I got this for Christmas. I have used this for about 30 days and it is one of the best lotions I have ever used and I am a lotion nut. Just ordered another.

Kay marshall-

Posted on 12/7/2016
I read the reviews and thought sounds good. I also got a foaming bath bomb, a truffle spa scrub and body wash. All I can a is if you love soft skin get these products you will love it. bodh please don't change a thing. The Kokum butter cream is easily an 8 star product. It's truly an amazing cream.

Kendra S-

Posted on 12/2/2016
luv ya product. Kokum butter....brilliant! I can really feel and see the difference using this cream...please don't go changing it i don't know what i would replace it with.

Karen n-

Posted on 12/1/2016
This will be one of the best creams you will use..from how it feels to how it absorbs to how it smells. This cream turned my skin around from flaky dry itchy to healthy smooth skin in about 6 weeks ..this is more than 5 star quality.

Sarah G-

Posted on 10/28/2016
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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