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Flu kit


Flu kit

Our flu kit is organic. Contains no petroleum or other needless or harmful fillers.


This kit is the real deal. When you get sick and you use your kit, it will be at that exact moment you know you will never be without a Bodhi Flu kit ever again. This is one of the most precious gifts you can give to someone who is sick with flu. (You will have to add the chicken noodle soup). Set one aside today and be ready when cold/flu comes knocking. Flu kit Includes: Organic tonic to stomp out flu in its tracks, Chest rubs for day and night relief, Cornmint crystals to clear out blocked or stuffy noses allowing you to breath easier immediately and tissue for your nose. This is the ultimate effective flu kit.



Customer Reviews

Cathy w-

Posted on 5/13/2017
Very good product works as advertised. It has worked every time for us. Fallin in love with the chest rub

Helen R-

Posted on 10/30/2016
My Husband doesn't get sick very often but recently came down heavy with a cold. We have the Flu kit so i put it straight to work. I put a bowl of hot water with crystals in the bedroom, gave him a full 5ml cup of tonic, put chest rub on his chest and his upper back and set a pack of tissues by the bed. I would say immediately he was able to start breathing easily again and he got a good nights sleep. In the morning it was already starting to move from his chest. Gave him another shot of tonic and more chest rub and by mid day he commented he was already feeling better. we did do the process one more night and by morning he was almost free of all symptoms. We loaned it to a neighbor which got the same results. Not enough stars, 5 isn't enough. Thank you bodhi.

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