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flickering lights


flickering lights

These work fantastic with our 4x4 4x4x4 4x8 4x4x8 luminaries.

After testing most of the flameless tealights on the market, we found that you definately get what you pay for. We have found these flickering lights not only one of the brightest, but one of the better constructed. Over the long term it had a longer battery life, out performed and to put icing on the cake, it flickers just like a real candle. You wont be able to tell the difference. Due to these findings we recommend these flameless flickering lights for your luminaries for a fantastic illumination, a genuine candle flicker, and oustanding longevity in both the product and the battery. -Saving you the consumer money over the long term.


Each flickering light is sold with a new battery.

$2.25 each



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Customer Reviews

Kelly u-

Posted on 10/30/2016
Purchased 4x8 frosted luminary and ordered these flickering lights. They are exactly as promised well built and very bright. It seems this company only invests its time in quality i have yet to try a product that isnt top notch. love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex D-

Posted on 9/19/2016
Recently purchased some mottled luminaries from you guys. Had some store purchased flicker lights laying around, but decided to purchase yours due to the product description. Noticed straight away yours are built more sturdier than the cheaper ones i have. Also no where near as bright as i soon found out is important with your wax luminaries. After daily use quickly the others dimmed and some of them just stopped working entirely. Your recommendations for the flicker lights, 3oz and 10oz luminary candles and luminary lighting cups are spot on. I don't usually comment but i felt compelled to give my pennies worth. Your products are amazing and i would hate for someone out there to not to get the full experience of the product due to inferior accessories or from incorrect sized candles.

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