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Be sure to try our Face treatment Basket. A complete skin maintenance package designed to bring your skin back to life. Your skin will feel the best its felt in years.


Our Dead sea mud is harvested from the banks of the dead sea and is in fact alluvial silt washed down from the surrounding mountains. Layer apon layer of fine silt deposits have evolved over thousands of years to produce a dead sea mud very high in Magnesium, Potassium, Strontium, Boron, and Iron. Dont limit this mud to just your face, smooth over your body or enjoy your own body wrap. Dead sea mud is known for easing rheumatic pain, relaxing muscles and delivering tranquility and calmness. Our mud is the real deal, but we decided to go step it up even futher and add a special combination of clay and tamanu oil. Our dead sea mud will draw out oils and impurities in your skin allowing your skin to absorb the muds rich minerals revealing a fresh, soft, smooth skin. Stimulating circulation and refining your skins texture. With impeccable repairing qualities due to the fantastic tamunu oil makes this absolutely remarkable. You will not believe your skin could be and feel this soft. 


Product weight: 4oz & 8oz

Ingredients: Dead sea mud clay mask:  Dead sea Mud, Aloe vera, Rhassoul clay, Bentonite clay, Koalin clay, Tamunu oil.

Ingredients: Dead sea mud & Dead sea salt mask combo:  Dead sea mud, Dead sea salt.

Ingredients: Pure Dead sea mud mask:  Pure dead sea mud.

No preservatives or fillers. Our products are made fresh daily. We recommend you use your dead sea mud within 6-12 months depending on where you store this product. The mud itself should never go bad due to the nature and ingredients of this product. But if stored in warm areas the container may sweat and over time may produce mold on the surface area as like any other product you purchase on the market that doesnt have harmful preservatives added.



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Customer Reviews

Tess Tx-

Posted on 5/28/2017
I really like this product. My face felt really soft. I have many of the Bodhi bath and body products and all I can say is I love bodhi

Samantha Ca-

Posted on 5/12/2017
Perfect. Your products are awesome. Not only do I really enjoy whats in this mask, I appreciate what isn't. My young daughter has started using this too and its important to know im passing on to her products that wont harm her in the future.

Brin j-

Posted on 1/23/2017
Wow! R you serious. I had to keep touching my face because I really couldn't believe have a customer for life.

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