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Dead Sea Salt


Dead Sea Salt


These salts are so fresh and natural please be sure to seal the container as they will start to dissolve from the moisture in the air.

Our Salts are harvested on the southern side of Israel where the mineral content is at it's most extreme. Our Seaweed is Harvested in scotland where it is found with no contamination and where the mineral content is exceptionally high. 


Enough cannot be said about these 100% high mineral content dead sea salts. One of the most relaxing ways to cleanse and detox your body assisting the skins natural ability to protect itself, resulting in healthy and beautiful skin. The incredible benefis of the raw materials in these salts, have very unique therapeutic and beautifying powers, acknowledged all the way back to the days of cleopatra. Our dead sea salt is extremely high in Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Bromides, Sulphates and other minerals formed three million years ago when a fracture occurred. For thousands of years fresh water carrying its own natural salts drifted through the rocks, sand and soil flowing south through the jordan river to the dead sea. It is there where it is collected, shipped to us and packaged fresh leaving the dead sea salt in it's natural form and sent to you for your enjoyment. Dead sea salts alleviate conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. These salts are highly effective in easing arthritis, rheumatic pain and muscle tension. Pour some into your bath, lay back, close your eyes and let the soothing and healing begin. Allowing your mind to be reset to calm again.

TIP: If you are using the seaweed dead sea salts, after 10 mins or so take the sea weed and squeeze the gel out between your finger tips and smear on your face like a gel mask and leave on for 5-10 mins, or around your eyes for a magnificent natural skin treatment.

Weight: 16oz


Ingredients: Dead sea salts, fragrance, Natrasorb, Dendritic salt, Safflower oil, Coconut powder, Cocoa butter, Aloe vera, Emulsifying wax, Vitamin E.

Ingredients for Seaweed dead sea salt: Dead sea salt, Bladderwrack seaweed, Channel rock seaweed, Bladderwrack seaweed powder.

Zip locked for continually sealed freshness.


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Customer Reviews

Tonni B-

Posted on 12/17/2016
Got the seaweed dead sea salts to use as is and the pure dead sea salts to add to my bodhi bath bombs and truffles. you can definitely tell the quality of the sea salts. My son has autism and the pure salts work very well for him. Many thanks for your quality products.

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