Bodhifor the Bath, Body and Beyond.

In 2011 Bodhi was established. We were founded on a couple of key values.

#1 Quality.

It was important for us to produce products for people who are tired of corner cut products. Water, filler and cheap generic ingredients sold as the next big thing having little to no effect, leaving the end user scalped yet again. We cannot speak for all companies, but we and our extended family (Employees) and their families use all of the products we make. So it is important to get it right for our own use as it is for your use. We demand the body products moisurize and soften our skin. We demand the Natural deodorant out perform sweat and odor. We demand our candles deliver a great scent throw. Infact all of our products are tested exhaustively from every angle by all personalities with all kinds of high expectations. A company cannot survive selling something one time, it needs customer loyalty to survive and the only way to be rewarded with customer loyalty is product quality and value. Which leads me to

#2 Value.

There is a large successful and well known burger joint which has square burger meat. This is because they refuse to cut corners. This mentality should be every companies foundatation, unfortunately it isn't. However, it is at Bodhi and using our own products means buying our own products and like many of you we have to budget. But this should not translate to cut back on the quality we should be able to have and deserve in our life. So we absolute maximize the awesome ingredients we use in our products creating a superior brand that most customers notice immediately. We then look at the market and purposely price our products lower than most of the companies out there. We didn't create Bodhi to get rich, we created Bodhi to provide, which is why low pricing for us will never translate to low quality. We even take a percentage of any profits and support charities anywhere and everywhere and are always looking for new charities to support. Bodhi isnt ours, it's everybody's. Which leads me to

#3 Quality and Value.

Wait! You have already said that...Yep, thats because thats really all we care about. There are things like customer service, health of the end user, the environment and charities which are all very dear to our heart. But we have found that if you focus on Quality and value, everything else just falls into place. So come and join the Bodhi family where the only thing we sell is lifestyle. Oh yeah and Quality and Value.