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4x4x8 sq frosted luminary


4x4x8 sq frosted luminary

See our 3oz Soy Luminary candles, Led submersible, flickering lights and luminary lighting cups for this particular Luminary.



Our wax luminaries are nothing short of 'stunning'. Made with excellence as the starting point with no detail left to chance, we set out to produce some of the finest high quality indoor/outdoor soft hue illumination luminaries on the market today. Elegant sizing, perfect for any area whether it be private indoor tranquility or outdoor low hue illumination for that warm and cozy setting or even special occasions and venues. We have perfected to a science the right thickness and coloration to 'glow throw' that warm ambiance with precision to trigger the right atmosphere every time. Your immediate gratification awaits you.


Luminary size: 4x4x8 square wax frosted luminary.

Used as suggested your luminary should last you a lifetime.



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Customer Reviews

Shane R-

Posted on 11/28/2016
Beautiful. I got the cups and flickering lights. The effort that was put into this product really shows. Decided to go ahead and buy the set. you should make citronella candles to go with outside use

Kelly u-

Posted on 10/30/2016
This thing is beautiful. the picture looks good but on my balcony lit up at night it has such delivery.......personality i guess. My mom has one she purchased locally and its nothing like this. so now shes getting one from you lol.

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